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This Alzheimer’s care book is the result of a caregiver’s seventeen-year journey caring for his wife. It tells what to expect during every phase of the disease from diagnosis until death and how to handle every challenge.  
After diagnosis, Frank Fuerst attended lectures and read books and articles about Alzheimer’s. He followed most advice and found what worked, and what did not. He kept meticulous daily notes. After the first half of the disease, there were no more references. That left him in uncharted territory. He relied on his own creativity and a process of trial and error.
It wasn’t until he had accumulated four large file drawers of notes that he decided to organize what he learned and write a book. His objective was to provide a solution to every challenge they had encountered. Much information covers virgin territory such as - analysis of products, overcoming dental challenges, avoiding bad advice, and the importance of spirituality.
In 2006, the Alzheimer’s Association focused attention on the early onset of the disease to a Congressional task force. Their report said, “When [symptoms] occur in people under age 65, the conditions cause additional and unique problems because they are so unexpected and because most of the potentially helpful programs and services are designed for and targeted to older people.” They went on to cover six major problems confronted by people with early onset dementia and their families. The sixth problem was especially significant. “Doctors and other [care] providers may not know how to treat, provide care for, or communicate with people with early onset dementia. Training to address this problem is not generally available, and much of the information that would be needed as a basis for such training does not exist.”
It does now!

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Taped interview (:06), 'Aging with Grace and Dignity,' WV Public Radio. Click on: